Top 5 Places to go to unlock your Third Eye Chakra

You go to work or school, and it is a usual day. You hear people gossiping about classmates or coworkers. When you look at social media in your spare time, you see comments of people judging other ethnicities, cultures, and races offensively. You notice some people that you know aren’t confident in themselves because of their actions. For example, they might be too scared or shy to say what is on their mind, or they might be afraid of standing up for themselves. These issues are common issues in society that most people witnessed at least once. The good news is that these problems can be fixed with a balanced third eye chakra.

What is your Third Eye Chakra?

Chakra is a word used in Sanskrit that means “circle” or “wheel”. If you look at a chakra diagram, you’ll see seven wheels of different colors on various parts of the human body. The different color wheels on the diagram are called chakras, and each chakra is a wheel of energy. Each chakra is named after the part of the body that it is on in the diagram. For example, the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. The goal is to balance these chakras because when a chakra is unbalanced it will negatively impact your mind, body, and spirit. In this article we will focus on the third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra, and it is on the forehead. The third eye chakra is often associated with the color indigo. The third eye chakra is symbolized by an indigo colored lotus flower. The higher the frequency of the chakra, the more pedals the symbolic lotus flower has. If your third eye chakra is unbalanced, you will suffer from one or more of these problems. You will suffer from

  • Lack of goals and unclear of your purpose
  • Trusting and having confidence in yourself
  • Trouble remembering information
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Headaches
  • Closed minded and judging others that differ from you

Balancing the third eye chakra is a good way to cure these problems. You are probably thinking, how can I balance the third eye chakra? One route to balance the third eye chakra is by traveling. Traveling gives you new experiences, opens your mind, and gives you the opportunity to learn additional information. Here are 5 places that you can go to unlock your third eye chakra.

A Country outside of your comfort zone

The media often focuses on various groups and cities as being dangerous, infested with crimes by gangs or terrorist groups. Propaganda such as this can cause people to view certain cultures, countries, and ethnicities negatively. This can lead to stereotyping and other judgments. While certain groups might statistically have more problems in certain areas than others, that doesn’t mean that you should judge every person in that group according to the statistic. Many people in society don’t go outside of their comfort zone, so their third eye chakra is often unbalanced.

If you have enough money saved to travel to a country with a culture that you aren’t familiar with, this is an excellent opportunity to balance your third eye chakra. The country that you travel to don’t have to be a country with a poor reputation in the media, but it should have a different culture. For example, if you live in the United States, taking a vacation to Kenya would broaden your experience. During the vacation you will meet people with a different culture, food, and clothing style. You will enjoy learning about the customs of the culture, and how pleasant it was to converse with them. You will develop an appreciation of those that differ from yourself, and you will be less likely to judge others in the future.

This will help balance your third eye chakra because as we saw earlier, the third eye chakra is about seeing things as they actually are rather than a false perception. It is commonly known that vacations aren’t cheap, however, if you save a certain amount of money each week it can add up to enough. A good way to save is by doing small things such as saving a certain percentage of your weekly or biweekly pay if you can afford it. Another option is to avoid buying unnecessary luxuries. For example, rather than buying a 300 to 400 hundred dollar pair of shoes, you can purchase a much cheaper pair, and save the extra money for the vacation. Simple plans like these can help you build up enough money for the vacation.

Meditation Centers

The number of meditation centers in the west increased in the past few decades. Because of the coronavirus epidemic that we are currently through, the global rate of meditation currently went up by 2,900%. This shows that people are stressed, and meditation is a good stress reliever. If many of the meditation centers near you are closed because of the coronavirus epidemic, there is a good chance that they have online meditation sessions. If the meditation center is closed, I would advise you to call the number of the meditation retreat or check their website to see if online sessions are available.

When you go to the meditation retreat, you will sign up to a meditation instructor. Each instructor will usually focus on teaching different areas and types of meditation. For example, one instructor might teach Zen meditation, whereas another might teach mantra meditation. It is important to read the description of the meditation instructors’ class on their website, so that you don’t accidentally sign up for the wrong meditation session. The price of meditation centers varies, however, there are many affordable meditation retreats. If you can’t find the price of the meditation center on the company website, then you can call their number and ask.

Meditation centers help to balance your third eye chakra differently than visiting another country does, however, both can help just as much. According to a study done in Boston, researchers concluded that meditation improves the cerebral cortex of the brain. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that handles concentration, learning, and memory. As we recently saw a major side effect of an unbalanced third eye chakra is having trouble remembering information. The best type of meditation for improving your memory is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is where you focus on your emotions and sensations. According to researchers, mindfulness meditation makes the hippocampus part of the brain more dense. The hippocampus part of your brain handles memory and learning. If you look on the meditation retreat website, search for a meditation instructor that specializes in mindfulness meditation to increase your chance of balancing your third eye chakra.

College Classes

There are many colleges around the world, and thousands of people attend these colleges. Universities offer hundreds of degrees that are in areas such as business, art, science, and more. If you aren’t a traditionally aged college student, you can still attend college courses. There are colleges that accommodate older students. You have the option to take college courses online if you have a full-time job and don’t have time to drive to a college or university.

In college you will be exposed to a series of classes that might not directly correlate with your degree called general education courses. For example, if you are working towards getting your bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you will be required to take one or two English classes as a general education class. The purpose of general education courses is to expose students to other areas of education, so that students can be sure that their area of study is the field that they want to work in. Some students that take a general education class decide to switch their major to the general education class that they took. Colleges also provide dozens of programs and clubs in music, English, mathematics, engineering, and more that allow you to converse with people passionate about these subjects. If you don’t know what degree you want to pursue, you could join a variety of clubs to see which one you are the most passionate about.

Colleges and universities can be expensive. Tuition costs are often tens of thousands of dollars, and as you get closer to completing your degree, you find that the money adds up quickly. Many students resort to taking out student loans to pay their way through college, however, when they complete college sometimes they find they are in too much debt to pay back. While student loans are a suitable tool to assist you in getting a degree, try to minimize the usage of them as much as possible. First, apply for as many scholarships and grants as you can. Scholarships and grants are money going towards your tuition that don’t have to be paid back. Scholarships and grants cover a good portion of your tuition, but rarely cover the whole thing. Consider getting a part-time job to pay the rest of your way through college, but make sure that your hours accommodate your school schedule. If you still have tuition money left to pay, then you should take out student loans to cover the rest. Another option to save money is to attend a community college which is thousands of dollars cheaper than a university, however, most community colleges only offer associate’s degrees.

Attending college is a good way to help balance your third eye chakra because college is an opportunity to find your purpose and passion. We saw that one of the side effects of an unbalanced third eye chakra is a lack of goals and direction. Colleges improve your chance of finding your passion and direction greatly because of all the classes and programs that you will be exposed to. If you decide to go this route to balance your third eye chakra, try to meet as many people as you can and join as many programs as you can to get as much as you can out of your college experience. Make sure you have a budgeting plan to pay your tuition so that you don’t find yourself too deep in debt when you graduate.

Visit your dreams

There are many people that brush off dreams fake, and something that you shouldn’t worry about. The truth is that dreams tell a lot of information about your subconscious mind. It is often difficult to know what is on your subconscious mind with so many responsibilities that you have throughout the day. You might be too focused on getting your work done for your job or school, and during your free time you are most likely too distracted with entertainment to focus on your subconscious mind. Meditation is a way to dig up information from your subconscious mind, however, meditation takes hard work and dedication. Dreams are the easiest way to analyze your subconscious mind.

If you want to use dreams as a tool to help you balance your third eye chakra, write about all of your dreams as soon as you wake up. I would advise you to not wait too long after you wake to write about your dream because you might forget what happened in the dream, or you might get too caught up in getting your day to write it down. Pleasant dreams usually bring up positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. Nightmares usually bring up fears that are buried in your subconscious mind. Basically, the same way that the dream makes you feel is most likely the same energy of the thoughts in your subconscious mind. After writing about your dream attempt to decipher what your dream could tell you about your subconscious. For example, you had a dream that failed a test. Your dream could tell that you have a lack of confidence when it comes to an upcoming test. Your solution should be to seek help after school from your teacher or tutor.

A place that you fear

Now when I say a place that you fear, don’t go to a place where gangs and criminals are known to hang out at. Don’t go to a blocked off area of a park where dangerous animals roam. When I say a place that you fear, I don’t mean a place that puts you in harm’s way. I mean a place that forces you to get outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you fear public speaking, I would advise you to sign up for a public speaking class. During the public speaking class you will have to give a speech in front of the class as the teacher critiques your speech. This is a nightmare for someone that fears public speaking.

Even though most people would want to avoid a situation like this, it is actually a way to balance your third eye chakra. When you put yourself in uncomfortable positions, it helps you. For example, someone that fears driving should drive with an experienced driver beside them. The more times that they drive, the more that they will get over their fear of driving. This increases your confidence. Confidence is an important factor in balancing your third eye chakra.

These are 5 places that you can travel to as a tool to unlock your third eye chakra. You can use all five places to help you on your journey, or you can choose a couple of them. Everyone’s journey to balancing their third eye chakra is different. Which one of the places would travel to in order to help balance your third eye chakra? Let me know in the comments below.

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