The Importance of Astrology

For thousands of years, humanity was fascinated with the stars. The world’s oldest civilizations stemming in Africa had astrology as one of the core parts of their culture. For thousands of years, people would look up to the heavens and ponder on the topic of the shining lights. Before we even knew what stars were made of, they captivated the minds of many.

One field of study that developed because of observing the stars was astrology. Even though many of you heard of the term astrology there is a chance that you might not know the exact definition. One common misconception is that astrology is the study of stars themselves. This isn’t true. Astrology is actually the study of movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

It is widely believed by various cultures that the spiritual realm or higher dimensions communicate to our universe through signs. The signs can be anything. It can be incidents, numerology, words, images, and astrology. Astrology is the most popular medium of communication globally. Space has been used to predict events throughout history on many scales, from on a cosmic level to a personal level. This makes sense because according to Einstein space and time aren’t separate entities. In physics, the term used to describe the connection between time and space is spacetime.

There are many reasons why people should study astrology. It is an excellent tool to help one navigate through life. Here are some reasons.

Looking at the stars is looking into yourself

Many religions, especially ancient ones, have roots in observing planetary bodies. This can be seen by many of the words themselves. Every living creature on earth is a manifestation of star dust. The oxygen, carbon, and calcium were once part of a star before the formation of the earth. The word soul is often compared to the stem word sol, meaning “sun”. Many ancient deities were named after planets.

This shows that for millenniums there was a connection between various religions and beliefs systems to stars and planetary bodies. When you look at stars, you are looking at another manifestation of yourself.

A major part of the earth’s survival depends on the sun. Without the sun vegetation would die out, leading to a host of other issues. No one could survive without the sun. This shows that through the universe, we are all connected. You are not only in the universe, but the universe is in you. This shows that you should respect all life because, through the universe, we are all connected. This is something that you’ll discover when studying astrology.

Connect with those around you

Another benefit to learning astrology is the opposite of the previous topic. Learning astrology brings you closer to others and nature. If one wants to discover the truth, one way is by breaking down the etymology of words. Universe stems from the Latin word universus which means combined into one, whole. Whether one likes this or not, everyone and everything in the universe is connected.

When you study astrology, you’ll be able to tap into insight and knowledge that can help yourself and others, too. As stated earlier, looking at the stars is looking at oneself. Through astrology, you will be able to calculate the best way to deal with situations, obstacles, and other people that come into your life. The best thing is that it doesn’t cost anything. The night sky is free for everyone to view.

Through astrology, you’ll be able to find your zodiac sign. This will give you a mountain of information that you can use to make the best choices possible when dealing with various people and problems. Since most people are focused on work, school, and everyday survival, it can be easy to get stuck in our own head. Astrology reminds you that there’s an entire universe out there. The universe is a gift. When you go stargazing in the sky is more than just beautiful scenery. It is a free toolbox that you can use to guide you through life.

Kills the Ego

One of the biggest weaknesses of humanity is the ego. Ego has led to the downfall of many rich and powerful people, as well as poor people. The ego is a weakness that affects people of all nationalities, status, and positions in life. The ego is a natural part of human psychology. It takes work to tame the ego.

It is true that there isn’t anything wrong with self care. It is important to take care and stand up for yourself. Self preservation is a natural part of every known life form in existence. In fact, people can’t help others if they can’t help themselves. The trick is to make sure that the ego is tamed or balanced. Don’t feed into your ego to the point that you destroy yourself and your goals.

Studying astrology is a good way to keep the ego tamed. Many people in life are often focused on themselves. They’re focused on their career, school, hobbies, and oftentimes social media. There isn’t anything wrong with doing these things, however, without something to balance these activities out, it can lead to an inflated ego. For example, many people compare themselves to the four categories that I mentioned. Usually, it makes people either feel better or not good enough.

This isn’t good because you’ll find yourself chasing something that doesn’t exist and you’ll never receive. You’ll always be fighting to be the best, or you’ll always feel inferior to others. It is a battle you can’t win. It is better to put the ego to the side and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Studying astrology reminds people that the universe is billions of light years wide. We are all just a speck of sand on a large beach.

Help guide others

We already saw that when studying astrology, you are actually looking within yourself. The opposite is true too. When studying astrology, you are studying those around you. Astrology doesn’t only affect others. If you want to make a positive impact on another person’s life, studying astrology is a useful tool.

If you want to help others with astrology, it is best to help yourself first. It is important that you understand the process. I would suggest finding your zodiac sign and discovering its strengths and weaknesses. Use this knowledge to improve your life. Once you go through the process and generate positive results, then you can use it to help and guide others.

If you ever heard of astrology but never looked into it now, you know the benefits of giving it a try. Have you ever studied astrology? What interests you about astrology? Let me know in the comments below.

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