Welcome to culticgem – spreading positivity and information.

Welcome to CulticGem. CulticGem is a peace and self-help blog, and volunteer program designed to help the community. A percentage of every profit will go to some type of charity. If you would like to vote on which charity that you want the money to be donated to visit the vote page.


If you would like to become a member of the CulticGem volunteer program, visit this email: culticgem@gmail.com and send a request. For every product that you sell, 10 percent of the profit is donated to the charity that gets the most votes. Members are rewarded by getting 5 percent of the profit for every product that they sell online. It is free to join the program, but there are multiple types of memberships.

Gray Member – This is the default membership. It is free to be a Gray Member. Gray members can sell digital products online. Each member will be given an affiliate link. Members can post their affiliate link to all of their social media pages. Gray members receive 5 percent of every product that they sell online. 10 percent goes to the most voted charity.

Silver membership – If you want to become a silver member, you will send a request to this email: culticgem@gmail.com. You will be charged a onetime fee of 35.99. Silver members get the same privileges as gray members. The difference is that silver members can also benefit from the point program. Silver members will be given a box of candy to sell for a specific price. The goal is to sell a full box within 2 weeks. Each candy bar that is sold is equal to one point. When all the candy bars are sold, they’ll receive another box. Whoever is the silver member with the most points will win a gift card. 10 percent of each sale of the candy bars goes to the charity with the most votes.

Gold members – Gold members can benefit from the Hunger Program. To become a gold member, you have to buy the Eco-friendly CulticGem Tote. Gold members will use the tote to collect cans from donors. Gold members will give the cans to a lead member. The lead member will count the cans and drop them off at a local food bank. Each can that gold members collect is equal to one point on the point program.

We look forward to seeing you become part of the CulticGem volunteer program!