5 Genres of Music for a Positive Mood

You wake up in the morning, but you notice that you lack motivation. You don’t feel like going to work or school. You don’t feel like interacting with others and want to avoid your coworkers or classmates. You are not outside of the norm. We all have days where we are in a bad mood. There are infinite causes of a bad mood, but the good news is that there is a remedy for a negative mood.

How music affects your mood

It is theorized that humans have used music for 40,000 years. It is not known why music was created, but there are a few theories. Music could have been created for early humans to communicate, for religious reasons, dancing rituals, or even singing as a group before hunting or going to war. Music is still used for these purposes, but there is one thing that these reasons have in common. They all affect your emotions or mood. For example, music before hunting or going to war will make you feel patriotic and motivated to fight. Gospel music makes you motivated to study the bible. A song communicating a sad message can make you feel emotional. Now that we know the connection between your mood and music, we can see what types of music will put you in a positive mood.

Jazz Music

Jazz is a genre of music that developed in the 20th century. It originated in New Orleans. If you are in the United States, it is likely that you heard jazz music in the media, even if that isn’t the type of music that you listen to. Jazz music is a combination of syncopation, blues, and improvisation. Jazz music has multiple styles that can be used for different occasions. There is jazz music that is used for dancing, and there is jazz music that can be used for studying. The type of jazz music that is used for studying and relaxing is smooth jazz.

Smooth jazz is often used for helping people focus on work. There are various smooth jazz beats that can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and other online music platforms. If you are in a bad mood, listening to jazz music can aid in helping you calm down. If you want a CD to listen to smooth jazz while you are driving, you can order smooth jazz CDs on amazon. The music can aid in relaxing, putting you in a better mood.

LoFi Hip Hop Beats

In 40 years Hip Hop went from being played at inner city parties in Bronx, New York to one of the most popular genres of music globally. Hip Hop can be broken down into dozens of styles in the US alone. Other countries have their styles of hip hop, such as the UK that became more popular in the hip hop world in recent years. The genre of hip hop is versatile enough to include songs that can make a car shake from bass drum vibrations to songs that can help you focus on studying for your next test. One subgenre of hip hop that can help put you in a positive mood is LoFi hip hop.

LoFi is a term that means low fidelity. The term LoFi became popularized in the 1950s because during that time there was a surge of people making their own music. The music was often low quality because it didn’t sound as clean as music that was put out by major record labels, and mistakes were often heard in the music. Eventually some LoFi music elements made their way to hip hop. This led to the subgenre of LoFi hip hop.

LoFi hip hop beats are usually simple and repetitive. A low fidelity filter usually accompanies the sound to give it a vintage effect. The music is influenced by jazz music. LoFi hip hop often sounds similar to smooth jazz, but it flows like a subgenre of rap called boom bap rap that originated in New York. There are multiple YouTube channels that post LoFi hip hop beats to aid you in focusing on studying, or helping you sleep. LoFi hip hop beats produce calming vibes similar to smooth jazz that can help you get in a better mood.

Conscious Rap

 Unfortunately, rap music has a bad reputation in this era because many claim that the music has no meaning. As we saw in the previous section of this article, hip hop is a diverse genre of music. There are still current rap artists whose rap songs have a message. The subgenre of rap music with the purpose of educating and spreading messages is called conscious rap. Conscious rap music is usually well received by hip hop fans, and even people that don’t listen to rap music.

Conscious rap music is one of the oldest subgenres of hip hop. Conscious rap began in the 1980s, when rappers began incorporating political messages in their albums. Even though this subgenre of rap music isn’t soothing and calm like smooth jazz music, it can still put you in a positive mood because of its lyrical content. Whereas trending rap is often not relatable to the average person because of the content consisting of large sums of money, jewelry, and living the fast life conscious rap music takes the opposite approach. Conscious rap is often about the problems that society and individuals face. This can help put you in a positive mood because you are hearing music about relatable issues. The lyrical content makes you feel like you are not alone in your situation and motivates you to keep moving forward.

Solfeggio music

Each frequency affects the human body mentally and physically differently. The effects can be negative or positive. Solfeggio music consists of the six tone solfeggio scale. Solfeggio frequencies were often included in sacred music. Solfeggio tones keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. There are six main solfeggio frequencies.

Six main solfeggio frequencies

  • 396 Hz – This frequency is known for helping people lose the feeling of fear. If you are feeling the negative emotions of fear or guilt, listening to solfeggio music based on this frequency will aid in getting rid of these emotions.
  • 417 Hz – This frequency is often associated with the sacral chakra. This frequency motivates you subconsciously to start a new beginning and make a positive change in your life. If you have a fear of accomplishing your goals, listen to this frequency.
  • 528 Hz – This frequency is known for aiding in DNA repair. If you have an injury, I would advise you to visit a doctor and listen to 528 Hz. 528 Hz is a good aid for healing injuries with other healing methods.
  • 639 Hz – This frequency subconsciously helps you connect with your family, friends, and community positively. It will motivate you to want to help others. This can be a good small step to take your mind off of your negative thoughts.
  • 741 Hz – This frequency is ideal for thinking of positive thoughts. This frequency is associated with removing negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, greed, and jealousy. The first step to getting in a positive mood is removing your negative thoughts.
  • 852 Hz – This frequency is known for increasing the energy of cells, and a tool to aid in balancing the third eye chakra. Raising your cell energy improves your physical strength and fights lethargy.

You can write a list of these solfeggio tones and find solfeggio music based on these specific frequencies. Solfeggio music can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and other sites that can be found with a simple google search. Make sure you type in the specific frequency that you want when searching for solfeggio music. If you want to listen to solfeggio music while driving you can order CDs online. Downloading solfeggio music on your phone or music streaming device is another option.

Relatable Music Lyrics

While frequencies can affect your mood lyrics can too. Even though there is a lot of music that focuses on sound and flow rather than lyrical content in the mainstream, there are still artists that incorporate meaningful lyrics. Pick a song that you know with a deep meaning and lyrical content, and look the song up on YouTube. There is a strong chance that there are at least a few comments about how someone is saying they can relate. This is a good thing because relating to something gives you a sense of comfort.

Often when people go through problems, they often feel isolated and alone. They don’t get advice and don’t know how to get through their situation. Listening to lyrics that you can relate to makes you feel like you aren’t the only one going through the situation. It removes the feeling of isolation, making you feel better. Listening to music like this can relieve negative feelings, which is a step to getting into a positive mood.

Music is a tool that can affect your emotions. This is why music is used for propaganda in almost every country in the world. This is a tactic that has been used for thousands of years in various countries, societies, and organizations around the world. If used correctly, music can improve your mood and motivate you. Do you listen to music to reduce negative feelings? If you do, what type of music do you listen to? What is your favorite song that is used for that purpose? Let me know in the comments below.

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