The 12 Zodiac Signs and Why You Should Learn Astrology (Part One)

You decide to sit outside to relax and clear your mind and you see thousands of stars across the sky. You ponder about how the planets and stars affect our lives from millions of miles away. The study of how these massive entities affect our lives and our future is called astrology. Astrology is thousands of years old and is one of the oldest sciences in the world. Astrology is ingrained in many cultures around the world, including China, India, and the ancient Mayan civilization. Astrology is the study and analysis of the projection of the position of various planets, the moon, and the sun at the time of birth. If you line up the position of the planets, moon, and the sun with your date of birth, you will discover your zodiac sign.

What is a Zodiac sign?

A zodiac sign informs you about your strengths and weaknesses. You will discover your personality traits, likes, and dislikes. I would advise you to learn about your zodiac sign, because through your zodiac sign you can learn more about yourself. If you thoroughly study your zodiac sign, then you can find weaknesses that you have and improve yourself. Not only can you improve yourself, but you can improve your relationships whether it is a romantic, friendship, or family relationship. You can ask for their date of birth then match the birth date with the corresponding zodiac sign. This will open a world of information to you about the person. You will learn about their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, and this will give you the tools that you need to have a positive relationship with them.

Just as there are 12 months in a year, there are 12 zodiac signs. Here is a list of 12 zodiac signs and what they determine about your personality.


If you were born on or between March 21 – April 19, then you fall under the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries falls under the element of fire. The color associated with Aries is red. Aries are known for having a lot of confidence in themselves and are enthusiastic about challenges that come their way. If they are in a negative situation, they look at their predicament optimistically. Aries are known for having the courage to take on challenges that most people fear. The combination of strengths that Aries have make them excellent candidates to be leaders.

Even though Aries has leadership qualities that doesn’t mean that they don’t have flaws. Aries are often short-tempered, impatient, and if you don’t agree with them or don’t finish a task to meet their standard, they can become aggressive. Aries often struggle to wait and want to work on their goals as soon as possible. If something delays their goals, they are likely to become impatient and short-tempered.


If you were born on or between April 20 – May 20, then you fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus falls under the element of earth. The color associated with Taurus is pink and green. A Taurus is known for being reliable. If there is a task that needs to be done, a Taurus will consistently work until they complete the task. A Taurus has a lot of patience, so they can complete tasks that take a long time. A Taurus likes stability in life and becomes comfortable in their daily routine. The characteristics of a Taurus make them exemplary employees because you can count on them to get the job done.

One weakness that a Taurus has is that they are often stubborn. For example, if you try to get one to quit their job to work on a business, they are not likely to do it. A Taurus fears going outside of their comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. As a result, they stay static and don’t improve their life. They will stay away from accomplishing their goals if it changes their way of living. Another weakness that a Taurus has is that they are possessive. They become attached to material objects and refuse to share. If they lose something, it will take them a while to calm down from panicking about the loss.


If you were born on or between May 21 – June 20, you fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini falls under the element of air. The color associated with the Gemini is yellow and light green. A Gemini adapts well to changes and learns information quickly. They are also curious. They like to learn as much as they can about the world and their topics of interest. A Gemini likes to read, watch movies, and listen to music of different categories to broaden their understanding of the world. A Gemini is very social. A Gemini likes to travel to places that they have never been to so that they can meet new people.

One weakness of the Gemini is that they are often inconsistent. They like to learn so much additional information and like to meet so many new people that sometimes they have trouble finishing tasks they start. A Gemini doesn’t like routine and getting settled in life. Even though a Gemini is smart and innovative, they lack the patience to follow a schedule to accomplish their goals. Another weakness of the Gemini is that they overthink decisions, and sometimes this leads to anxiety.


If you were born on or between June 21 – July 22, you fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer falls under the element of water. The color associated with Cancer is white. Cancers are sensitive to others and are imaginative. If a family member or friend is suffering and going through a negative situation, a Cancer will be loyal to them and help them as much as possible. Cancers like to work on hobbies that require them to use their imagination. Cancers typically like to paint, craft, or write songs.

One weakness of a Cancer is that they are shy and insecure. They don’t meet new people so they miss out on opportunities or information that they could have gained. They dislike attention, so they rarely get the chance to show their talents to the world. Cancers are shy so when they are angry they are passive aggressive. If someone does something that they don’t like rather than addressing the situation head on, they will attempt to resolve the problem passive aggressively.


If you were born on or between July 23 – August 22, you fall under the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo falls under the element of fire. The colors associated with Leo are orange, gold, and yellow. A Leo is passionate about tasks and goals that they work on and have high confidence in themselves. They are kind to others and solve problems in creative ways. A Leo is an outstanding leader because of the combination of characteristics. A Leo is loyal to their team and will fight for the respect of their team as well as themselves.

One weakness that a Leo has is that they are self-centered and their confidence often turns into arrogance. They think that their way is the best way, so they ignore the advice of others. This keeps them with a closed mind and limited knowledge, so this holds them back from reaching their full potential. They like to be the center of attention. If someone else is getting more attention than them, they often become jealous and bitter.


If you were born on or between August 23 – September 22, you fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo falls under the element of earth. The colors associated with Virgo are beige, light yellow, and gray. For their occupation, school, and daily life, they are analytical and organized. A Virgo notices details and has methods to make sure that nothing goes wrong with a plan. A Virgo is independent and works hard until their task is complete. Virgos make good statisticians and financial advisers because of their detailed planning and attention to detail.

One weakness that a Virgo has is that they overwork themselves. This often leads to stress, headaches, and sometimes insomnia. No matter how much work they have done, they feel as if they have to keep working, and it is difficult to convince them otherwise. Another weakness that Virgos have is that they overthink. This causes self doubt and sometimes they lack confidence in others. 


If you were born on or between September 23 – October 22, you fall under the zodiac sign of Libra. Libra falls under the element of air. The colors associated with Libra are green and pink. Libras are social and want people to be treated fairly. If a Libra notices someone being treated unfairly there is a good chance that they will attempt to make the victim feel better. Libras dislike being alone, so they are often seen at social gatherings. Libras like spending time outside. A Libra typically likes to take walks at trail parks, go camping, or sit outside to relax.

One weakness that Libras often have is that they dislike confrontation. While it is understandable that they don’t like confrontation, sometimes it is necessary. If a Libra notices someone being treated unfairly, they might not confront the situation because they want to avoid confrontation. Unfortunately, this holds them back from their goal of living in a society without injustice. This often leads to them developing a grudge that lasts for months, if not years.

Part two coming soon

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