What is the devil? How do I defeat the devil?

For thousands of years, people discussed their thoughts and ideas on the concept of the devil. Dozens of religions and myths center on the concept of the devil or a devil like entity. They each have a unique description of the definition of a devil.

The devil is universally associated with evil, envy, and fear. Many people believe the devil can implant evil thoughts in your mind to make you commit a nefarious act. Most religions have laws and codes that are used to resist the devil and be a righteous person. These codes and laws differ for each religion, even though a lot of them overlap. In most religions, these codes and laws are designed to resist the devil, or the devil developed his own ideology to resist the religious doctrine. Either way, the devil is often the direct opposite of the righteous laws.

Some people might ask why is it important to know what the devil is? One reason is because knowing what the devil is can help you determine what religion that you want to follow. While there are some people that join a religion because they are inspired by the positive laws, many seem to choose a religion to help them cope with their specific problem. Most of the time, this specific problem is believed to be associated with the devil. This means that the person is likely to choose the religion that has codes and laws to resist their specific devil.

This leads us back to the question: what is the devil? I see the devil as any person, situation, or event that causes you to act other than yourself, feeds off of your weaknesses, or distracts you from reaching your highest consciousness. Anything that leads to these three issues is the devil. This leads to another question. What do those three problems actually mean?

Other than yourself

The basis of this statement is a quote that you are probably familiar with. Always be yourself. You shouldn’t allow outside influences to change you as a person because, even though we can’t control what happens around us, we can control our reactions. One thing to help you remember to not let outside influences change you is that your energy comes from within. For example, if someone insults you and you get angry. Your anger is coming from within yourself, not the jerk. If you are in this situation, you can choose to put your emotions to the side and keep your energy positive.

Some people ask this question. What if someone is being themselves and they are a bully or a criminal? Should they change who they are? Even though it seems like these people need to change who they are, the truth is that they don’t. If they don’t change who they are, that is understandable and natural. What I would advise them to do is improve themselves.

It isn’t a wise move to change someone. Let’s say that you want to change a bully into a nice and warm person, and he listens to you. He might be able to keep up his act for a while, but eventually he will break character. We either see or hear about situations like this daily. For example, someone falls in love with a partner and later discovers that they are abusive or a jerk. A politician that is supposed to help his country but causes corruption. A religious leader doesn’t follow their own doctrine. There are dozens of examples.

Rather than trying to change a person, it is better to redirect their characteristics to a positive use. For example, instead of attempting to change a bully into a nice and warm person, you should firmly tell them you demand them to respect you. If you stand up for yourself, they won’t become a friendly person. In fact, they might still insult you behind your back. The fact is that you made them improve as a person because now they will think twice about disrespecting others. 

A corrupt politician should be held accountable for his corruption, so that he will be less likely to repeat the offense. A religious leader that doesn’t follow their own doctrine should use their gift in other ways. For example, they should write or make videos about the religion, but don’t claim to be part of the religion. If you change someone and make them a nicer person, that means that they were really nice the whole time. It is just that something happened in their life that made them act other than themselves, and you caused them to break character.

Feeds off of your weaknesses

Another way that the devil can appear in your life is through your weaknesses. Even if someone doesn’t want to admit it, everyone has a weakness. We are imperfect people in an imperfect world. How does a person or situation feed off of someone’s weakness? Here is a real-life example that happened to someone that I knew in high school.

He was a studious, intelligent individual with high grades in his classes. He took all honors and AP classes. All of his college applications were on their way to top colleges across the United States. Everyone that knew him believed he had a bright future ahead of him. At the time, it appeared that he didn’t have any weaknesses, but we soon discovered that he did.

One day, a few of his friends offered him drugs and alcohol. He turned them down the first couple of times, but he eventually succumbed to the peer pressure around him and used them. As he began using the drugs more, his addiction increased. Eventually, his addiction caused him to skip class and not study. His grades dropped, and it became obvious that his college applications would be declined. One day he had to be rushed to hospital because he overdosed on alcohol. Luckily, he lived even though his future died.

This is one out of hundreds of examples that happen daily. How do you avoid the devil taking advantage of your weakness? The first thing that I would advise you to do is a method that I previously mentioned in the ways to improve your zodiac sign article. You should reflect on yourself in every area of your life, whether it is your social life, love life, or work life. Think about experiences in each area. After analyzing these experiences, write down your weaknesses in a journal so that you can watch out for them. If you avoid these weaknesses for enough time, eventually, it will become a habit and you will no longer have that weakness. It is a great accomplishment to overcome your weakness, but don’t get too comfortable. When one weakness is gone, you will find other hidden weaknesses showing themselves. Make sure that you continue to be self-aware.

Distracts you from reaching your highest consciousness

One might ask, what do you mean by highest consciousness? In this particular case, I mean either reaching the seventh level of consciousness, unlocking all of your chakras, or accomplishing your goals. In this situation, reaching your highest consciousness means improving yourself until you become the best person that you can be. It is not uncommon for people to give up on their goals because of a situation that is out of their control or because someone is working against them. Here is an example.

I remember one time I was talking to someone, and they were venting out disappointment because his brother ruined his own future. He told me that his younger brother was a high school senior on the football team. His brother received scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars and he knew he would be accepted into the college football team. I don’t know what really happened in this situation, but according to him, his brother was being verbally abused by his girlfriend. He told me that his brother often complained about the rude comments that she made. This led to arguments between him and his girlfriend and this became a pattern.

One fateful day, they got into an argument in the hallway. His girlfriend pushed him. He gave into his anger and beat her until her face was bruised. Both of them were penalized, but she wasn’t the one with the bright future. He was expelled from high school and lost his scholarship. Unfortunately, he gave into his anger and allowed another person to stop him from reaching his highest consciousness.

The wise choice would have been to ignore her insults and continue working towards his goals. If he didn’t give her a reaction, she would have lost control over him, and he would eventually reach his goal. The best way to defeat someone is usually not with your fist, but by becoming successful. Always remember to never allow anyone to distract you from reaching your highest consciousness because you are the one that has to your life, not them. Instead, use them as motivation to work harder.

I came to the conclusion that these three situations are the devil. Remember, there are hundreds of examples of them, so I would advise you to take notes on this article. Keep the notes with you because these situations often sneak up on you when you least expect it like a snake. When these situations strike, it is often too late. Have you ever been in any of these predicaments? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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