6 Chakras needed to connect to the universe

You are working on your seven main chakras and you have either balanced them or you are close to balancing them. Balancing all seven chakras is a big deal, so you feel that you have mastered yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Congratulations you have graduated from the chakras within the spine. However, like graduating from middle school to high school, a graduation is not an ending but a new beginning. There is another world of chakras that you can go on a journey to balance. Some say that there are 114 chakras. We will be focusing on 6 chakras that reach far beyond the human body.

Akashic Records

Have you ever had the feeling like you have been to a certain place before, but you know you haven’t. There is a good chance that you had an experience of deja vu at least once in your lifetime. The source of this experience is from your akashic records.

What are the Akashic Records?

You mostly use a computer for work whether you are working for an employer or you are a student. You know that when you use the computer your history, keystrokes, and work are all saved. This is similar to the akashic records. In physics there are multiple dimensions, and each one has unique characteristics. Here is a brief description of the dimensions.

  • First dimension – The first dimension is often described as width. This is basically a horizontal line.
  • Second dimension – the second dimension is described as width and height. When you combine width and height you get flat shapes such as a square, triangle, octagon etc.
  • Third dimension – the third dimension is width, height, and depth. This combination creates the cube, cylinder, and square pyramid.
  • Fourth dimension – The fourth dimension is called space-time. The fourth dimension shows the connection between space and time. It shows that time is just an illusion. The fabric of Space-time is theorized to look like a large web. Let’s say that you had the ability to fly at the speed of light, and someone else had the ability to fly at the speed of sound. While you are flying at the speed of light, time would move slower for you than it would for the person flying at the speed of sound. This shows that time is relative depending on speed.

The akashic records are somewhere in the fifth dimension because these records are beyond the scope of time. Everything has an akashic record whether it is a human, ant, rock, etc. An akashic record is a record of what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future. Your soul has akashic records that go back for all of your previous lives, and the lives that you will reincarnate to in the future.

How to balance the Akashic Records chakra?

  • Good deeds – This is a good way to balance your akashic records chakra because all the deeds will be recorded. This can generate good karma that you will eventually benefit from.
  •  Good choices – Whatever you are planning to do in the future, really think about how you want to do it in detail. This helps balance the akashic records chakra because this increases your chance of choosing the best outcome of the future possibilities of the records.

Earth Chakra

This is a chakra that is often ignored, but it is one of the most prominent chakras that affects our daily life. This chakra connects us to the earth and keeps us grounded. If you look at a chakra diagram, the earth chakra will appear about 12 inches under the foot. The color associated with the earth chakra is black.

If your earth chakra is unbalanced, you may experience a variety of negative symptoms. You may experience problems with blood circulation, injuries in your leg area, loss of balance, and other issues. These problems are serious enough to interfere with your daily life, so it is important to keep your earth chakra balanced. The good news is that since this chakra is so prevalent and affects our lives every day, it isn’t hard to balance.

How to balance the earth chakra

  • Frequency – The frequency of the earth chakra is 68.05 Hz. I would advise you to go outside for at least ten minutes a day while listening to the frequency 68.05 Hz. Music can be found at this frequency online.
  • Standing – Something as simple as standing outside can assist in balancing your earth chakra. It is important that you stand barefoot on the ground when the weather is satisfactory. Focus on your balance and the bottom of your feet touching the ground.
  • Crystals – Wearing black crystals can help with balancing your earth chakra. You can search for a black tourmaline or an onyx at your local jewelry store. You can either carry the crystal in your pocket or wear the crystal on a necklace or chain throughout the day.

Lunar Chakra

This chakra is located above the crown chakra, but is higher than the akashic records chakra. This chakra is associated with the color silver and sometimes white. These chakras deal with connecting you to the energy of the moon. This chakra is responsible for your understanding of karma, and your direction in life. If this chakra isn’t balanced, you may lack direction in life and have trouble collecting good karma. Here are some simple ways to balance your lunar chakra.

How to balance the lunar chakra

  • Thankful – Sometimes when we want something, we forget about the things that we have. Being thankful for the things that you have is a good way to balance the lunar chakra.
  • Negative emotions – We all fall into negative emotions sometimes such as frustration, sadness, and shame, however, eventually we have to move forward. Learning from these emotions to strengthen you and continuing your day helps to balance the lunar chakra.

Solar Chakra

The solar chakra is the next chakra. This chakra is often associated with the color gold. It is important to not get this confused with the solar plexus chakra because that is an entirely different chakra. This chakra deals with your life’s purpose. This chakra is the finishing touch to the lunar chakra. If you balance the lunar chakra, it will be much easier to balance the solar chakra. If your lunar chakra is balanced, you will have a direction in life, and if you continue following the direction, it will lead to your purpose.

If this chakra is unbalanced, the effects will be similar to the effects of an unbalanced lunar chakra. You will lack direction in life and not know who you are. This can increase your risk of depression and to an extreme extent be a factor in causing someone to become suicidal. There are a lot of people that struggle to balance this chakra, and it often takes years to balance. Here are some ways to balance the solar chakra.

 How to balance the solar chakra

  • Alone time – You should take some time to be alone and reflect on yourself. You should think about the things that you like and don’t like whether it is your occupation, classes you are taking at school, college major, or even something as simple as your opinion on certain fruits. Learning anything about yourself is progress.
  • Out of your comfort zone – There are many people that struggle with this, however, it is an important step to find yourself. Trying new things broadens the scope of your mind, and this can lead to discovering your passion. If you are in school, sign up for different clubs that seem interesting to you such as drama club, music, band etc. If you are no longer attending school search for classes being offered in your area. A common class offered in a city is drama and guitar.
  • Meditation – this clears your mind, making it easier for you to think about what your passion is. Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that we don’t take the time to think about what our true passion is. Whenever you have time, you should meditate to clear your mind.

Galactic Chakra

This chakra isn’t common to balance, but there are some that do. This chakra isn’t a necessity to balance, however, you can learn it if you want to. It is associated with the color mixture of violet and silver. This chakra is connected with the akashic records. If this chakra is balanced, you will be able to reach beyond the fourth dimension, and into the akashic records. You will not be able to travel beyond the fourth dimension physically, but you will mentally. For example, prophets that predict the future have a balanced galactic chakra. People that have dreams that predict the future also have a balanced galactic chakra. Here are some ways to help balance this chakra.

How to balance the galactic chakra

  • Meditate – As you know, meditation keeps your mind clear, so this gives you more focus.
  • Trust your gut feeling – Listen to your gut feeling when it tells you something. If you exercise listening to your gut feeling, this can help balance your galactic chakra.

Universal Chakra

This chakra is often called the chakra of universal consciousness. It allows you to reach enlightenment. This chakra is connected with multi-colored orbs of light. You are in the best position to reach this chakra once you have balanced most of the previous chakras. When you reach this chakra, you will have attained enlightenment. Here are some ways to balance the universal chakra.

How to balance the universal chakra

  • Balance chakras – The best way to balance the universal chakra is by balancing most of the previous chakras. If you balance the previous chakras, you will be at peace with yourself and with others around you. You will see the universe as one.
  • Loss of attachment – Many people struggle with this, but this can help you balance the universal chakra. To learn how to lose your connection to material objects, you should start small and build your way up. For example, try to focus on spending money on your needs rather than your wants. If you have a credit card, you should cancel it and use a debit card instead. That way you will be paying with your own cash every time you buy something. You should live a simple lifestyle.

These are chakras that are not as known as the first seven, but can improve your life if you balance them. Do you think that more people should strive to balance these chakras? Do you want to balance any of these chakras? If so, let me know in the comments.

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