5 Clothes to wear while meditating

We see meditation becoming more popular in the west. We see meditation in popular films, books, music, and other forms of media. We see more people experimenting with meditation for their own reason, whether it is for mental health reasons, spiritual reasons, or something as simple as trying to increase their attention span. Meditation market value is projected to increase from 1.2 billion dollars to 2 billion dollars in the five years period of 2017 to 2022. With the lock down, taking place because of the coronavirus epidemic, we have excess free time that adds another layer on the rising wave of meditation.

So you decide to try meditation. You look up techniques online, watch videos, and images. You are about to meditate and you realize that comfortable clothes are an important aspect of meditation because they help with your focus. Luckily for us, that’s okay because we are going to prepare a meditation shopping list.

Yoga Pants

Even though yoga pants are often used for comfortability during a yoga session, they can be used for practicing meditation too. Yoga pants are ideal for meditation because meditation often requires you to sit in positions where you have to cross your legs. A few of the most popular meditation positions are the lotus position, which is a position where you cross your legs, and you raise your left foot above your right thigh. Your right foot is raised above your left thigh. On the stool is a position where you sit on your knees. As we can see, these positions require you to bend your legs. Yoga pants are elastic, so while you are sitting in these positions the yoga pants will stretch, allowing you comfortability. Female yoga pants are more tight fitted, whereas male yoga pants are loose. Either way, both male and female yoga pants allow you to bend your legs without difficulty. Yoga pants are fun to shop for because there are thousands of yoga pants designs available. In a thirty-year period, yoga pants went from being sold to the first customer to a 48 billion dollar market as of 2018. Because of the large demand for yoga pants, competitors sought ways to make their yoga pants stand out by giving them unique designs.

A few designs of Yoga Pants include:

Joy string Yoga Pants – this kind of yoga pants have a joy string that is attached to the waist of the pants. The joy string allows you to adjust how tight you want the pants to be around your waist. These pants are good to add on the shopping list because the joy string is part of the pants, eliminating the need for purchasing a belt. The pants are also elastic, so that whatever size the customer is, the pants can stretch and be adjusted with the joy string to fit.

Bohemian Pants – These are yoga pants that are elastic like these the previous pants that we looked at. Bohemian pants do not have a joy string, but they can still be manipulated to fit the customer. They have an elastic waistband that stretches while the customer puts them on. The customer doesn’t have to adjust the pants with a string or belt, but the waistband of these pants may not stretch as far as the previously mentioned pants.

Yoga Pants with pockets – There might be times where you want to meditate outside, meditate at a park before work, go to a yoga class after work. There are countless reasons you might have to meditate at a place other than your home. If this is the case, you will probably have to carry items such as a wallet or cellphone. You can wear yoga pants with pockets throughout the day and they will function like jeans, but are comfortable for meditation too.


Since ancient times it was known that different frequencies have different effects on the human body, whether physically or mentally. Frequencies are often measured in Hz (hertz). Hertz is the SI unit for frequency, which is one cycle per second. In other words, we interpret frequency as pitch. 528Hz is a frequency that is known as the love frequency. Priests used the frequency 528Hz in ancient civilizations to heal people. 528Hz is known for repairing damaged DNA.

Something as simple as a chain can produce the power of this frequency. There are chains with a flute attached to it. The flute is set to produce a tone of 528Hz when you blow into it. While you are meditating, you can breathe into the flute attached to the chain to produce a calming experience by listening to 528 Hz. The chain is also stylish because the flute has designs and symbols on them. You can meditate and look stylish at the same time.


There are various shirts that are comfortable to wear for meditation. Each type of shirt also has unique designs. Here are some recommended meditation shirts that you should shop for.

Loose fit t-shirt – A simple loose fit t-shirt is ideal for meditation because they allow room for flexibility. Most t-shirts are made of cotton, so they are comfortable to wear. T-shirts have hundreds if not thousands of designs to choose from. You can find t-shirts of various designs at your local dollar store, online, and gym. Many places offer low prices for selling t-shirts.

Meditation robe – If you want more of a traditional style, you can buy a traditional Buddhist meditation monk robe. These robes often help put people in a meditative state of mind. Buddhist meditation robes tend to be more expensive than the previous category, but if you are planning to meditate daily, it is worth the investment. These robes were worn for thousands of years by monks, preachers, and priests. They are usually orange and made of cotton. You can purchase traditional Buddhist meditation robes online with a starting price that is usually around 60 dollars but can go into the thousands. With research it is possible to find sales on meditation robes bringing the price as low as 20 dollars.

Karate gi – If you have a background in martial arts, you can find comfortable meditation clothes in the closet. Karate gi clothes are made for rigorous movements so they can withstand the movements of martial arts without tearing. These clothes are often loose, fitted and soft on the skin. The clothes are usually white, but are sometimes offered in black. If you are planning to go into martial arts too, you can kill two birds with one stone by buying a karate gi.

Meditation Hats

Some people choose to wear something on their head while meditating. Some people choose to wear caps or beanies while meditating. Any hat that is comfortable is ideal for meditation, but there are some hats that help get you in the right state of mind. There are hats with meditation symbols on them such as chakras, figures doing meditation positions, and phrases of wisdom. Symbols and phrases often help people stay focused on the task. Even if the hat can’t be seen, sometimes wearing appropriate clothes puts people in the right state of mind.

For thousands of years, people used a system known as the seven chakras. Each chakra symbolizes a specific part of the human body. All seven chakras have a specific color. Here is a list of all seven chakras.

The root chakra – red

Sacral chakra – orange

Solar Plexus chakra – yellow

Heart chakra – green

Throat chakra – blue

Third eye chakra – indigo

Crown chakra – purple

While meditating, many choose to focus on one chakra at a time. A good method to help you focus on meditating is wearing a hat that is a color that corresponds with the color of the chakra you are focusing on. For example, if you are meditating and focusing on your Solar Plexus you can wear a yellow hat. If you are focusing on your crown chakra, you can wear a purple hat and so on and so forth.

Meditation flip-flops

Meditation flips-flops are durable and allows you to move your toes comfortably. These flip-flops are usually made of yoga mat to provide you with a comfortable experience. Meditation flip-flops have different styles, so you can wear them outside of a meditation session. This is convenient because if you just finish a meditation session, you don’t have to change your footwear to continue with your day. A simple search will lead to websites that sell flip flops made of yoga mat for a cheap price.

Meditation sandals are made of yoga mat too, but there is a strap on top that keeps your feet in place. Even though your feet are strapped, there is still enough room for you to move your toes comfortably. Meditation sandals are ideal for yoga positions because of the flexibility they give your toes. These sandals are good for jogging in hot weather because they strap keeps the sandals on your foot, so you don’t have to grip with your feet to keep them on. Meditation sandals are open-toed, so while you are running you can feel the breeze blow against your feet to keep you cool.

These are a few categories of clothes that you can wear during meditation. The style of the clothes chosen depends on the person because there are hundreds to choose from. You can find these clothes online with a simple search or buy them from your local gym. What style of yoga gear would you wear in the categories? Let me know in the comments below.

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